As part of our ‘Should you Buy’ series at Tollo, we break down the aspects of buying products and their utility as an Investor. No more impulsive purchases.

We cover the revolutionary

Amazon Echo

and ultimately answer, should you invest?

For the uninitiated, the Amazon Echo is a hardware device from, well Amazon. It’s a music player cum personal assistant. It’s priced at $179.

Amazon Echo Price : $179

There have been a lot of reviews that have been saying that you can get bored of your Amazon Echo after the first week and that’s understandable. But based on our research, we’ve come up with a bunch of use cases for the Amazon Echo.


Primarily a music device, the Amazon Echo can hear your voice and you can speak to the in-built AI, Alexa to play the music you want. Check this article for an exhaustive list of commands. You can ask Alexa to play songs from a specific artist, or a specific radio station. You can also give commands to stop playing music in 45 minutes and so on. Even if this is the only feature for the Echo, then it still is a pretty good device because the music system for the Echo is Amazing. The best part is, Alexa can hear you through a distance and also through a lot of noise. You can be anywhere in your house and Alexa would follow your voice.

2. Listening to Audio Books

Audiobooks have become a mainstream medium for consuming books. This is because, you can be doing anything else while still consuming a book. The Echo is perfect for this. You could be doing the dishes, you could be working out, you could be go about to sleep and ask Alexa to read out to you. You don’t have to hold any device, or hold a book and stare it, you can just listen. I personally like to listen to music while showering and I think the Echo would be a great option while taking a 15 minute shower.

3. Utility

This is where the Echo transforms from a music player to a real personal assistant. You can change the temperature on your Nest Thermostat. You could order a Pizza through the ‘Skills’ integrations on Alexa. Skills is basically a set of actions you want Alexa to do, this keeps growing. You can order an Uber, you can set an alarm, you could track your Amazon order, you could ask for the traffic situation just before you leave home, you could do quick calculations and converting currencies as well!

These in my opinions are valuable additions. The thing is, people underestimate the time it takes to fiddle on your phone to get the information you want.

The Echo is a handy personal assistant. It takes you away from your phone for a lot of activities. A good investor frees up time and optimizes as much as possible.

The Amazon Echo in our opinion is a product you can buy.

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