We’ll have a closer look at the xiaomi hype and how the European market compares to the Chinese grocery. So just two weeks ago I traveled to China to do some business and have a closer look at the industry and how smart from brands evolved in China now Xiaomi is often called the apple of China because it elicits a same various kinds of publicity in China as Apple does in the US.

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The Apple comparison doesn’t end here charm is known and CEO Lian is also referred to as the Steve Jobs of China and when I went through the street of China I encountered in Xiaomi vivo Apple Store literally every couple of hours it’s really incredible how many storages there are and even more stunning if you have a close look at the product lineup however even if they are those places gape official most of the shops are not since Xiaomi chiefly exchanges online to keep their costs low-spirited while Xiaomi may be exchanging an incredible number of telephones the company shapes very little advantage in comparison with other the company’s 2017 incomes estimated to be between 17 and 18 billion USD with a net profits of at the least 1 billion USD so shammies earnings are estimated to doubled in 2018 to around 2 billion dollars compared to Apple that are relatively low boundaries and sales.

For Xiaomi this is just a start and now they are expanding to Europe of the low-cost designs Xiaomi is currently the world’s fifth biggest smartphone maker and chemise makes include smartphones laptops and related customer electronics like ability banks all the inventions have reasonable good quality and me as a label is growing in vogue but why are xiaomi redmi telephones so inexpensive even of high specs now first and foremost Xiaomi decided to sell almost entirely online to bypass industry and third-party retailers both of which seek benefits of their own and inflate the premium although the price of an average Xiaomi smartphone plummets at least two or three times during the course of its produce life curve but why are these rate parts possible because the equipment factor rates sagged down the road especially in an manufacture as heavily characterized by rapid some progress in technology this has meant that the core of the Xiaomi phone cost significantly less half a year later allowing for equally significant savings that in turn cause the company go for a price chip importantly Xiaomi continues to sell all the devices and tweak versions of them at abbreviated costs even after it secretes newer prototypes Xiaomi is also not only a portable corporation when you buy a Xiaomi smartphone.

The Chinese companionships now start to realize that Europe labor very different in China when I was in China I was surprised how far engineering reaches into their daily life most of the people don’t carry any money at all everything get paid via Richards and I even had matters buying nonsense with my debit card all this is very different to the lifestyle of parties in Europe and I’ve also inspected the Chinese electronic grocery and our leader and good friend Jackie told us that in the early days it was so crowded that you could just breathe but right now the market materializes genuinely empty-bellied all the sales are switching to online directs as they are cheaper and safe rates this is a little bit happy because I really love the climate of the electronic marketplace which is still immense but it’s weakening in sizing each year and most of the people just start selling on Alibaba the senior vice president held accountable for shammies international business also said that the company has numerous numerous clients in Spain the UK Germany and Italy so it’s a very effective market and first of all they want to utter Spain successful and then expand to other groceries he said that they want to learn from the customers about the penchant of European beings which i think is very important and in fact even if they are Amazon is changing like a projectile people in Europe favor buying from supermarkets or companies in Europe so that they have a persons responsible or fellowship for certificate as well Xiaomi is also saving payments verne interests in make over the lifetime of a product they can increase sums and too get a better transaction of the supplier and in the end they will end up with better margins than they actually began with I visited dongwan and Shenzhen in China and we had a look at some mills not Xiaomi mills but those assembly mills it give you a good insight on how your smartphone or supremacy bank is actually made and even though you may won’t believe it it requires more human cultivate than you will ever think for sure machines and manufacturing the single proportions but most of the time they have to be grouped together by human beings.

I have great respect for these parties since it looks like a awfully particularly spending activity now Xiaomi started making telephones in India back in 2015 committing to the government’s fix in India initiative and now the company is announcing that it’s launching three new smartphone manufacturing equipment in the country the free new smart phone embeds and its cooperation with Foxconn now work more than 10,000 parties of which more than 95% of the status of women so with an lubricant market share of 26.8% appeal is also the number one player in the online smartphone segment or 57 percent market share and the numeral 2 smartphone musician in the offline opening of 11 pitch 2 percent market share in India soon they are able to too focus on Europe and I’m very excited and a little intimidated on what will happen to the smartphone industry.

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